Latvian president on Armenian Genocide

ARMINFO News Agency
October 8, 2005


YEREVAN, OCTOBER 8. ARMINFO. One should remember the past but one
should choose – either to be victim to it or to move forward, Latvian
President Vayra Vike-Freiberga said during a meeting with the
students and professors of Yerevan State University today.

One should decide – to be avenger or to overcome the bitter past and
to move towards prosperity. “You are a free nation, free country in a
free world. Are you ready to show the whole world who you are? As a
foreigner I share your pain. I was psychologist for a long time and
know what pain is. As a person who has seen pain in life I urge you
to put it aside and to start thinking about the future as a proud and
self-confident nation,” Vike-Freiberga said.

She said that Latvia is for Turkey’s admission into Europe as it is
better to have Turkey as brother or as enemy. But to be EU member
Turkey should first fill the gap of democracy. That country has been
seeking into Europe since the Kemal times but it should first
eliminate some negative moments, Vike-Freiberga said.

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