TBILISI: Akhalkalaki’s Armenian Population Demanded Autonomy


The Messenger, Georgia
Oct 4 2005

Press Scanner

As reported in Akhali Taoba, Armenian population of Javakheti region
prepared a big surprise for the central government as well as for the
whole country this fall. The paper notes that separatist organization
“Virk” held a forum with the Armenian population of Javakheti region.

According to the article, about 800 Armenians took part in this
forum and demanded that the government create an Armenian autonomy
in the region.

According to Akhali Taoba, the government thinks that Russian
special services are behind this demand of the Armenian population,
although “Virk” and close friends of this organization are reportedly
insulted by those allegations. The paper reports that at the forum
the participants expressed their complaints toward the government.

According to them, “Virk” hopes Georgian society will correctly
understand their demand for autonomy.

However, according to the article, Georgians have been less than
sympathetic to their demands; Virk has reportedly received obscene
messages from Georgian citizens. After the forum, the paper noted
that Georgian Prime Minister Zurab Noghaideli visited Yerevan and
met with his colleague Andranik Margarian , and informed him about
the Akhalkalaki Armenians’ demands.

Akhali Taoba reported that Margarian promised Georgia that the
official Yerevan does not stand behind this demand of Akhalkalaki
Armenians. The paper notes that Margarian added that the creation of
the Javakheti autonomy should never be included in the agenda.

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