Antelias: H.H. Aram I meets with ecumenical personalities in Canada

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An ecumenical meeting was held in the Prelacy of Canada on September 26 on
occasion of His Holiness’ visit to Montreal.

Prelate Archbishop Khajag Hagopian, Archbishop Souren Kataroyan, Archbishop
Moushegh Mardirosian (Prelate of the Western Prelacy) and religious
officials attended the event.

Primates and representatives of the entire sister Christian churches in
Montreal were also present. These included representatives from the Coptic
Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, representatives of the two Greek Orthodox
families, the representative of Roman Catholic Cardinal Turcotte, Greek
Catholic, Chaldean, Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist, the representatives
of the Armenian Catholic and Armenian Protestant churches, as well as the
general and regional managers of Bible Society in Canada, the head of the
ecumenical center of Montreal, and community officials.

Prelate Archbishop Hagopian welcomed the attendants, expressing satisfaction
that representatives from sister churches had accepted his invitation to
greet His Holiness in Canada.

The attendants received a new publication of the Bible and the Psalms in one
edition by the diocese of Canada and the Bible Society.

Reverend Manuel Djinbashian, who has brought great contribution to the
translations, carried out by the Catholicosate of Cilicia and with the
cooperation of Archbishop Oshagan Choloyan (Prelate of the Eastern Prelacy)
and late Archbishop Zareh Aznavorian, spoke about these translation works
briefly and informed the attendants of the unique linguistic characteristics
of the Armenian Bible.

The regional director of the Bible Society, George Lugo presented the
edition, thanking Rev Djinbashian, Serj Reyom (director of publications and
circulation of Bible Society), Rev. Mark Henry Vidal (director of the Bible
Society) and Rev. Karnig Koyounian who had initiated the joint project. Lugo
thanked also Prelate Hagopian, who had sponsored the mentioned project.

His Holiness Aram I welcomed the spiritual leaders of Montreal in the city’s
Armenian Prelacy and praised their brotherly relations with the Prelate and
the lay council. His Holiness spoke about the dominating presence of God’s
word in the Church.

“In the holy work of translating the Bible, we use the word ‘Armenianize’ in
our language. As our fathers so carefully ‘armenianized’ the Bible, God
spoke to our people in Armenian,” said His Holiness.

His Holiness pointed out that interpreting the spirit of the Bible is more
important that its literal translation. He announced he has formed a new
committee of the members of the Cilician Brotherhood to continue the
translation of the Old Testament.

The event continued with warm discussions between the attendants. His
Holiness answered several questions related to ecumenical issues, the
theological thoughts and relations of different churches.

The guests highlighted the role His Holiness plays in the ecumenical arena
and his contribution to inter-religious initiatives. His Holiness spoke
about the aims behind conferences and meetings organized by the World
Council of Churches and other similar organizations.

The Catholicos emphasized that such initiatives, particularly in the
Christian-Muslim dialogue field, would contribute to boosting the role of
religions in human societies and peaceful coexistence between the world’s
various communities.

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