Referendum Will Take Place Despite Anything


| 17:40:28 | 26-09-2005 | Politics |

Tomorrow in the Parliament a special session will be convened where
the draft Constitution will be discussed. At present the draft which
is to be presented by third reading is not yet distributed to the
Parliamentary fractions; it will be distributed either tonight or
tomorrow morning.

By the way, it is not yet clear if the special session will be
broadcast live or not. The NA deputy President Tigran Torosyan could
not answer the question, but he reminded that the opposition which has
decided to participate in the session does not have much possibility
as the regime of the third reading does not give much time for speeches
and questions.

Asked if there were enough changes introduced into the draft and if
they can say “Yes” to the draft Tigran T Torosyan naturally enough
said, “Yes, of course”. According to Tigran Torosyan, the editing
works are fulfilled, and the formulations are cleared.

Despite the announcements of other deputy Presidents and Armen
Roustamyan who said that the referendum may be postponed, Tigran
Torosyan said that nothing of the kind will take place.

As for the statement that the society is not ready for the referendum,
Tigran Torosyan disagrees with it, “Whether the society is ready or
not the responsibility falls on political powers. For that purpose
after the third reading we must make all efforts to raise public
awareness about it”.

The whole interview with Tigran Torosyan will be published in the
“Ayb-Fe” weekly.

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