Antelias: Armenian students greet H.H. Aram I in Montreal

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On the second day of his Pontifical visit to Canada, His Holiness Aram I met
with Armenian students from the “Sarafian” Elementary and “Pasdermadjian”
Secondary sections of the St. Hagop national school, as well as children
from the kindergarten of the Armenian Relief Society.

Students greeted His Holiness Aram I, Prelate Archbishop Khajag Hagopian,
religious officials, representatives form the diocese and the board of
trustees with enthusiasm. Both sections presented well-prepared performances
in honor of His Holiness, with the student choir delivering a series of
beautiful religious hymns.

“The Armenian School is a mission; it’s the extension of the Armenian family
and church. Your parents have entrusted you to this institution so you would
be enriched with our national values and cultural treasures and one day
enrich our nation yourselves,” said His Holiness.

His Holiness commended the school’s administration, the Prelate, the board
of trustees and the teachers for their dedication. He highlighted the
numerous sacrifices taken by Armenian national institutions in preserving
Armenian schools.

Speaking with the Armenian teen, His Holiness called on them to overcome the
challenges of preserving the Armenian national identity.

“It’s not a regular school you’re attending; you’re attending an Armenian
School. The difference between regular schools and the Armenian School does
not preside in the walls or desks; the difference is in the unique formation
you’re given here,” said His Holiness Aram I.

The Catholicos stressed that the youth succeeds “only if it discusses
tomorrow’s agenda today.” “You are not the Armenians of tomorrow; you’re the
Armenians of today. We not only need you tomorrow; we also need you today,
because you are not only our future, you are also our present,” said His

After his Pontifical visit to the St. Hagop School, His Holiness met with
the Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church, Soterios.

The two spiritual leaders discussed ecumenical and inter-church issues.
International efforts for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide and the
restoration of the Armenian people’s rights also featured on the agenda.

The Catholicos and the Metropolitan also exchanged souvenirs. His Holiness
gave a copy of “Cilicia’s Salvaged Treasure”, a book about the masterpieces
of Cilician culture salvaged from the Armenian Genocide.

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