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Today in the US Embassy to Armenia announced the 2005-2006 school year of
FLEX and UGRAD scholarship programs opened. In the margins of the program
FLEX 50 pupils will be able to leave for USA this year. Up to now 470 pupils
have won in this program and lived in American families for a year.

Naneh Abrahamyan who is responsible for the program FLEX in Armenia informed
us that there were cases when the pupils who left for America were not
adapted into the families, and the organizers found other families for them.
Mrs. Abrahamyan also claimed that there hasn’t been a case of the Armenian
pupil remaining in America.

The continuation of FLEX is UGRAD which is for students. The program is
financed by the US State Secretariat and is realized by the International
Investigations and Exchange Council. In the margins of the program students
of the first, second and third year who are 17-20 years old can participate
in the program. The winners can study in 140 Universities in USA.

By the way, the pupils and students of Karabakh cannot participate in the
program. The worker of the US Embassy Tress Finart mentioned that USA
supports NKR with humanitarian aid only, and the programs are educational.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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