“Works speak louder than words”

Aravot, Armenia
Sept 20 2005


the NA chairman Arthur Baghdasarian says

-Does the US consider you as an alternative leader? In your opinion
you or Aram Sargsian? Elucidate the radicalism of American moods.
– There are so many leaders in Armenia that will be sufficient for
several Armenia. There are groups of ambitious persons who ion the
political, public field who think in that way. There is an element of
contrast in your question what isn’t right. I can tell about me, I
was in Washington by the project of “International visitors of
leaders” at the US State Secretariat round of which leaders of about
180 states, governments and parliaments visited the US. As this was
the first visit of the NA chairman in last 15 years, certainly it was
a good opportunity to thank the US authorities for organizing the
visit. As regards the US moods I must say the following; the US
expects from us consecutive intensification of democratic reforms,
realization of constitutional and electoral reforms, aimed fight
against corruption, free and transparent elections etc. It is obvious
that economic even a small progress should be combined with the
policy of intensification democratic reforms. I can say that there is
radicalism of expectations and not moods in the USA. And those
expectations connect with the core political events in our country;
to hold the constitutional referendum, new state elections by
international standards.
– If constitutional referendum is failed or the results are rigged
which is much more possible, will the US want to assist in realizing
a revolution in Armenia.
– Why do you think that the constitutional referendum must be failed
and the results must be rigged? Why don’t you think that the
referendum will take place assisting in deepening democratic reforms
in the country. And it is obvious that those steps are progressive
indeed. Each revolution is realized by the motivation of reforming
the country, I’m for real reforms and not for revolutions and all
those who are against all that real reforms they organize those
revolutions. I’m sure that the US wants to see democracy in Armenia
with its predicted developments. During all my meetings I had in
Washington and New York I can say with confidence that the US is
interested in development of democracy and strengthening regional
peace in Armenia. Democracy is equal to peace because it is the
shortest and most effective way to prevent terrorism, war, poverty
and other challenges. And not only in our difficult territory but in
the whole world.
– In your opinion what developments are possible after constitutional
referendum if it is failed. Is it possible that the NA become a
scapegoat, which is stressed, as responsible for constitutional
– There were a lot of standpoints and versions of failing the
referendum and searching for the scapegoats. I don’t think that they
are more than the version or standpoint is. Democracy supposes
different opinions I don’t see serious dangers in such suppositions.
I can say what developments are possible if the referendum isn’t
failed. National Assembly will make those legislative amendments,
which are foreseen by constitutional amendments, new possibilities of
the country development will be formed. Referendum won’t be held a
priori, itself, those who will go and say their “yes” or “no” will
decide it. Works always speak more loudly than the words so let’s
prove with other interested powers that it is possible to realize
those reforms in Armenia.

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