ANCA: SOAD Calls on Speaker to Hold Vote on Armenian Genocide Res.

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September 21, 2005
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— Thousands of Fans Respond to Alert on
News Section of

WASHINGTON, DC – Within hours of posting a notice last night on the
System of a Down website, thousands of fans from across the United
States have sent ANCA WebFaxes urging Speaker of the House Dennis
Hastert to schedule a U.S. House vote on legislation recognizing
the Armenian Genocide, reported the Armenian National Committee of
America (ANCA).

The letters, sent through the ANCA’s free WebFax system, urge the
Speaker to honor his pledge, made in October of 2000, to hold a
vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution. The WebFaxes stress
that, “The Armenian Genocide is a clear-cut moral issue. Our
government’s failure to stand up to Turkey’s denial is an outrage.
. . Today, the fate of this human rights issue rests in your hands.
Do the right thing – keep your pledge. Serve U.S. interests and
American values by allowing this legislation to reach the floor for
a vote at the earliest possible opportunity.”

On September 15th, the House International Relations Committee
overwhelmingly approved legislation properly recognizing the
Armenian Genocide. During the course of a three-hour meeting, 21
members of this 50-member panel spoke in favor of H.Res.316 and
H.Con.Res.195, which were adopted by bipartisan majorities of 40 to
7 and 35 to 11, respectively. Similar legislation was adopted by
the Committee in 2000, but was withdrawn by Speaker Hastert, at the
urging of President Clinton, only moments before it was to reach
the House floor for a vote. In the aftermath of his withdrawal of
the measure, Speaker Hastert pledged to hold a vote on the Armenian
Genocide Resolution, but has, in the five years that have followed,
failed to honor this promise.

In May of this year, Mezmerize, the first half of the band’s two-
part album Mezmerize/Hypnotize, debuted as the number-one selling
CD in the United States. On April 24th of this year, System held a
sold-out “Souls 2005” benefit concert for the ANCA and other groups
working to prevent genocide and counter genocide denial. The band
has sold nearly 10 million CDs worldwide. A Google search for
“System of a Down” returns over 1.6 million hits.

The ANCA, at the invitation of the band, has worked alongside
Amnesty International and Axis of Justice at activist tables at
concerts to distribute educational materials, secure signatures on
petitions, field questions, and promote discussion about the
Turkish government’s ongoing denial of the Armenian Genocide.

For information about System of a Down, including a full listing of
their remaining tour dates, visit:

The full text of the System of a Down action alert is provided
below. It can be viewed on-line by visiting
and clicking on “NEWS.”



Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the House, has it in his power to
accomplish one of System’s goals – official U.S. recognition of
Turkey’s destruction of 1.5 million Armenians between 1915 and

On September 15th, a major Congressional committee – rejecting
attacks from Turkey and the Bush Administration – approved
legislation recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

The next step is for the full House of Representatives to take a
final vote on this legislation. But this is only possible if
Hastert lets it happen. The choice is in his hands.

By allowing Congress to vote on this legislation, Hastert can end
U.S. denial of this crime and open the doors to justice – to the
restoration, reparation, and restitution owed to the victims of

By continuing to block a vote on this legislation, Hastert
effectively joins in the denial of this crime against humanity, and
the denial of justice to an entire nation.

Join with System. Click HERE to take action and send a free WebFax
urging Hastert to hold a vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution.

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