BAKU: Roundtable”NK And N. Cyprus Are Different Issues From Internat


Today, Azerbaijan
Sept 20 2005

“The problems of the Northern Cyprus and the Nagorny Karabkh are
differing from each other issues”, it was reported on 19 September
2005 at the roundtable in the International press centre “The problem
of the Northern Cyprus and the Nagorny Karabakh at the international
legal plane.

As Trend reports, at the event staged by the world organization of
young Turkish writers and the Friendship society Azerbaijan-Cyprus
was dwelt upon the common problems of Turks and Azerbaijanis, the
history of the Turkish Republic of the Northern Cyprus, as well as
the occupation of the Azerbaijan’s lands by Armenians, approach to
these problems from the international legal principles.

The head of the young Turkish writers’ organization Akper Goshaly
reported, after the visit of the delegation of the Turkish Republic
of the Northern Cyprus to Azerbaijan, the attention to this republic
enhanced, meanwhile pressure on our country launched from the part
of Greeks grew. Goshali reported, some interested forces, especially
from the part of Armenia make attempts to identify the problem of
the Northern Cyprus and the Nagorny Karabakh.

Chairman of the Azerbaijan-Cyprus friendship society noted, at the
referendum held on the island of Cyprus the Turks, demonstrating
adherence to peace said on their readiness to live in one state with
Greeks but they declined it. Agil Samedbeyli also said one should
not present Nagorny Karabakh to the Azerbaijan’s public and media
as the third party, as they try to recognize Nagorny Karabakh as the
third party. The lawyer Farman Salmanli reported, Nagorni Karabkh is
the territory of Azerbaijan and the subject of the international law
and Azerbaijan became the UNO member having Nagorny Karabakh as its
part and the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan was recognized by
all states in the world.


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