BAKU: Self-proclaimed republic’s `FM’ opposes ICG report

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Sept 16 2005

Self-proclaimed republic’s `foreign minister’ opposes ICG report

Baku, September 15, AssA-Irada

Arman Melikian, `foreign minister’ of the self-proclaimed Upper
Garabagh republic, has come out against the report on the
Armenia-Azerbaijan Upper Garabagh conflict issued by the
International Crisis Group, an organization working to prevent
conflicts worldwide.
ICG, in its report covering the results of its representatives’
visits to the two countries, indicated that 18,500 people died during
the war and over a million were ousted from their homes. It also said
that Armenia is destroying Azerbaijan’s property, appropriating land
in Upper Garabagh and failing to provide suitable conditions for
Azerbaijanis to return home.
Melikian opposed some proposals made by the Crisis Group. `The report
includes many provisions that are in favor of Azerbaijan and can’t be
accepted by Upper Garabagh Armenians’, he said.*

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