BAKU: Azeri DM: Azerbaijan Is Ready To Liberate Own Lands


Azerbaijan News Service
Sept 1 2005

“Azerbaijan has power to liberate own lands, and if it continues
so we will liberate our occupied territories”, said Azeri Defense
Minister Safar Abiev while meeting Ambassador of Great Britain to
Azerbaijan Lori Bristou and Commander of British Military Advice-
Trains Group Hyu Pyorcell. Azeri Minister added, “Armenia is an
occupier. All countries should see, confirm and it and take measures
in the direction of immediate withdrawal from those lands.” Said Safar
Abiev. According to him, if the problem is not solved immediately,
Azerbaijan People will make decision to solve the Problem. British
Ambassador said he understands the problem very well due to his
two-year service in Azerbaijan. “President Ilham Aliev’s participation
in the negotiations is a rational event. Azerbaijan works successfully
to solve the Problem. Great Britain supports Ilham Aliev’s strategical
course on the problem settlement and the Problem should be resolved
within the framework of International Law. Fair settlement of the
Problem is also in London’s interests.”, said Lori Bristou.

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