Be careful, children!



| 13:33:40 | 31-08-2005 | Official |

In connection with the start of the new school year with the initiative
of the RA Police Car Inspection on September 1-10 a 10-day event of
safe driving will be organized in the Republic.

“We turn to all the parents to use only underground crossings and to
follow the signals of the traffic lights. Dear drivers, keep to the
traffic rules while driving, and be especially careful in the areas
near schools. Dear teachers, remind the children about the necessity
to follow the traffic rules. Pupils of high school, help your young
co-learners in any way you can”, runs the message spread by the State
Car Inspection.

By the way, the RA Police State Car Inspection reminds the drivers that
today, August 31 is the last day for all the cars to pass the annual
technical inspection. From September 1 the drivers of the cars which
have not passed technical inspection will be fined for 1000 drams.

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