BAKU: Iranian Specialists Not To Repair Shusha Mosque

Iranian Specialists Not To Repair Shusha Mosque

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
Aug 17 2005

The Iranian embassy in Baku has dismissed reports saying that
Iranian specialists will be involved in repairing the Shia mosque in
Azerbaijan’s historic city of Shusha occupied by Armenia.

The Armenian Church bishop Pargev Martirosian said last week that
he would take the mosque under his patronage and Iranian specialists
would be invited to repair it.

Pundits say that by making the move, Armenian clerics aspiring to
present themselves to the international community as “humanists”,
aim to cast a shadow on the friendly relations between Azerbaijan
and Iran, which has repeatedly stated that Nagorno Karabakh is an
integral part of Azerbaijan.

The Caucasus Clerical Office has condemned the Armenian bishop’s
statement, terming it as hypocrisy.

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