BAKU: Special announcement by office of prosecutor general ofAzerbai

[August 05, 2005, 22:51:55]

AzerTag, Azerbaijan
Aug 5 2005

Despite the Government of Azerbaijan has created every condition
for the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held in a democratic
atmosphere, certain forces are continuing their destructive activities
ignoring the warnings by law-enforcement bodies.

Representatives of various strata of our society and individual
citizens send reports on radical opposition~Rs and its supporters~R
preparing for illegal actions aimed to violate socio-political
stability, create civil confrontation and forcedly change the
constitutional system in the country.

Several facts revealed and unclosed recently confirm the reliability
of the information, and event that the mentioned illegal actions are
being prepared with involvement of Armenia~Rs special services.

It was revealed that Armenia enviously looking at the progress in
Azerbaijan, the country~Rs becoming a regional leader in socio-economic
development and enhancing its international image as a democratic
and stable state, is striving to intensify its destructive activities
against Azerbaijan. In particular, in response to leading states~R and
prestigious international organizations~R insistent demands on fair
solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the Republic of Armenia
demonstrating its destructive stance, resorts to various steps to
find the way out.

In order to cause damage to the forming image of our country as a
democratic state, and undermine its authority and protract the peace
talks on Nagorno-Karabakh problem for uncertain time, the Armenian
party has drawn up a special plan of violation of socio-political
stability in Azerbaijan to achieve a weak and capitulatory forces to
come to power here.

The government of Armenia sets aside large financial resources to
realize the plan major part of which envisages maximum possible use
of Armenians living in other counties. To this end, preference is
given to creating – through persons of Armenian national introduced
by special services into the democratic institutions of the third
countries – links with the forces striving in every possible way to
come to power in Azerbaijan.

The emissaries in those institutions are sent to Azerbaijan, or their
accomplices in our country are invited under various pretexts to the
third countries. Here, they are provided with necessary financial
assistance, and trained special methods to violate socio-political
stability, organize unrest, paralyze vital infrastructures and arouse
discontent among population.

On August 3, member of the youth movement ~SYeni Fikir~T (New Thought)
Osman Muhammed Alimuradov, of his own accord, presented information to
the Office of General Prosecutor to the effect that on the instructions
of the leader of the ~SPopular Front of Azerbaijan Party~T (PFAP)
Ali Kerimli, together with chairman of the movement Ruslan Bashirli
he had been visiting Tbilisi on July 28-29, 2005 to meet with Merabi
Jibutia and Georgiy Ispiryan introduced themselves as representatives
of Georgian democratic forces, and a certain Vardan, who in reality
were officers of Armenia~Rs special services. In addition, he presented
videotape handed to him by those men, and the ticket acknowledging
receiving money by Ruslan Bashirli.

It was found out that in late June – early July 2005, the citizen
of Georgia Merabi Jibutia arrived in Baku in the capacity of
representative of the country~Rs democratic forces. Here, he met with
chairman of the youth movement ~SYeni Fikir~T Ruslan Jalil Bashirli
(born in 1978 in the village of Khanmamedli of Zardab district,
currently is living in Baku). Ruslan Bashirli, for his part, introduced
Merabi Jibutia to PFAP Chairman Ali Kerimli, whereupon they had almost
1-hour one-on-one conversation. In consequence, at the invitation of
Merabi Jibutia, Ruslan Bashirli and Osman Alimuradov visited Tbilisi.

On July 28, Merabi Jibutia met Ruslan Bashirli and Osman Alimuradov
in Tbilisi and placed them at a hotel. On the same day, Merabi made
a feast for Ruslan Bashirli, which was mainly attended by Armenians
living both Armenia and Georgia. On July 29, in a Tbilisi apartment
presented as an office, Ruslan Bashirli and Osman Alimuradov met with
Georgiy Ispiryan and Merabi Jibutia. At the meeting, Georgiy Ispiryan
once again attentively heard out the Ruslan Bashirli~Rs story of
the work he had allegedly carried out for the sake of democracy in
Azerbaijan. Ruslan Bashirli noted the forces he represented acted in
accordance with direct instructions from the U.S. National Democratic
Institute, and that they had allegedly received concrete instruction
from its representatives to conduct a revolution in Azerbaijan. He
added under their patronage, PFAP deputy chairman Fuad Mustafayev
and coordinator of his movement Eni Fikir, Baku citizen Nuriyev Said
Fikrat, (born in 1981) were currently taking special training course
in the Republic of Poland.

Having heard out Ruslan Bashirli, Georgiy Ispiryan noted the necessity
carry our a revolution in Azerbaijan by democratic forces led by
Ali Kerimli and Ruslan Bashirli , and promised that the so-called
democratic forces in Armenia and Georgia would provide every possible
assistance to Ali Kerimli and Ruslan Bashirli, even stating on the
possibility to break the ceasefire for a while to spread panic among
population, anf therefore demonstrate incapability of the authority. In
addition, using abusive language towards Azerbaijan authorities,
Georgiy Ispiryan suggested providing such services as collection
of materials discrediting Azerbaijan~Rs officials, and said it was
important to let Ali Kerimli know about it.

No Ispiryan~Rs language insulting honor and dignity of the Azerbaijani
people wounded Ruslan Bashirli~Rs self-esteem. Conversely, inspired
by those words, he touched on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, stating
proudly that ~Sthe problem will be solved over a glass of cognac and
chocolate if the democratic forces come to power.~T After the parties
came to preliminary agreement on joint struggle against the Azerbaijan
authority, Georgiy Ispiryan handed US $2000 to Ruslan Bashirli, and
got a receipt. They agreed on monthly handing of $2000 to Ruslan
Bashirli, as well as a one-time payment of US $20.000 within the
few next days. Besides, Georgiy Ispiryan suggested – as a gift – to
open fire during one of the opposition~Rs meetings aimed to violate
stability in Azerbaijan that was also approved by Ruslan Bashirli. With
the ~Ssuccessful~T meeting completed, Ruslan Bashirli had his picture
with Georgiy Ispiryan and Merabi Jubutia for keepsake.

Then, Georgiy Ispiryan and Merabi Jubutia brought Ruslan Bashirli and
Osman Alimuradov to one of the Tbilisi saunas, where offered them to
have some fun with local prostitutes. Rejecting the offer, however,
Osman Alimuradov stayed in cafe to wait for Ruslan Bashirli. At this
moment, a certain Vardan, mentioned-above, came up to him and having
introduced himself as officer of the Armenia~Rs special services,
advised their last meeting had been shot by hidden video camera.
Vardan said the $2000 had been given them not as a favor. He added
they would establish closer cooperation with and provide constant
financial assistance to the democratic forces in Azerbaijan, and
warned that in case of avoidance of the cooperation, the video would
be demonstrated on TV-channels. Then, he handed the copy of the tape
to Osman Alimuradov advising him to watch it in Baku.

The ~Sheroism~T shown in Tbilisi by Ruslan Bashirli – who has
constantly pretend to be a messenger of democracy, but has completely
unmasked himself and those he represented by conspiring with Armenia~Rs
special services and sacrificed national interests to money – is
reflected in the newspapers ~SAzadlyg~T (Freedom) and ~SBizim Yol~T
(Our Path), which are mouthpiece of those like him. The papers read
that Ruslan Bashirli allegedly visited Tbilisi to participate in the
international conference and meet with one of the Georgia~Rs renowned
businessmen Georgiy Burjanadze. In fact, however, the man was nobody
else but Georgiy Ispiryan well known to Bashirli himself.

The Office of Prosecutor General has launched a criminal case on
article 278 (actions aimed at forced seize of power, and change
of constitutional system of the state) of the Criminal Code of the
Azerbaijan Republic, and Ruslan Bashirli has been detained as a suspect
of run-up to the above-mentioned actions. Investigation is in progress
to reveal all aspects the case the public will be kept informed.