BAKU: Radical opposition will collaborate with devil for sake ofcomi

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Aug 5 2005


[August 05, 2005, 22:00:39]

As was reported the General Prosecutor Office has disseminated special
report on the visit on July 28-29 of chairman of the “Yeni Fikir” youth
movement Ruslan Bashirli and the movement’s member Osman Alimuradov to
Tbilisi on the order of chairman of the Azerbaijan People Front Party
Ali Karimli where they have meeting with a certain Merabi Jibutia,
and being indeed as officers of the Armenian special services Georgi
Ispiryan and some person called as Vardan.

AzerTAj presents text of conversation between the above mentioned
persons in Tbilisi, on July 29.


GEORGI ISPIRYAN: Now we should be helping you, and after the coming
to the power you should help us.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: You (addressed to Osman Alimuradov) are told him we’ll
like to hold a meeting with some governmental parties in the country.

MERABI JIBUTIA: That’s good.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: Do you saw our office?


RUSLAN BASHIRLI: It’s at the city center, but there is Azadliq
newspaper. The same time they’re occupied by the People Front Party
and the largest news agency of the Caucasus and the Central Asia –
‘Turan’. There also located ‘Bizim Yol’ newspaper too. It’s a bit
closer for us. We have a small room for our organization, that only
one youth organization in the country possessing a separate office.
We are got it from Ali Karimli.

MERABÝ JÝBUTÝA: That’s good. Because on the eve of every deal it’s
necessary to have a separate office. There you will receive people,
hold meetings and discuss relevant questions.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: For example, Azerbaijan is a large country and
there are enormous natural recourses. The country is located in very
favorable strategic place, and how shall I put it, Azerbaijan, perhaps,
will be as Belgium or Poland. But, Azerbaijan remains behind even
Georgia. There are issues in regards which Azerbaijan falls behind
even the more weak state in Caucasus – Armenia.

MERABI JUBUTIA: We are not nationalist. Somebody says we are
nationalists. It’s not truth. A man who is far from nationalism
will move forward everywhere. The war between Armenia and Azerbaijan
is initiated by Russia. Georgi will speak of that. I would like to
drink the honor of Caucasus and Azerbaijan. I wish happiness to all
nations. I would like that all be aware. All will best in Azerbaijan.

GEORGI ISPIRYAN: Good luck, on the honor all Caucasus. Now are what
happening in your country and Armenia? There is business in progress,
people are making a money. Your or I needn’t in war. We are don’t fight
but their will. It’s not necessary for us. What the cause that you are
Azerbaijanis or I’m Armenian. We all the people. Our close relations
are not advantageous for Russia. Just a first approximation… There
are faults from your and our sides too. It’s only Russia will to blame.

MERABI JIBUTIA: If all organizations will cooperate as ours. We are
like peace and democracy.

GEORGI ISPIRYAN: We are like to derive out the regime in Azerbaijan
and will do all necessary for it. After ten or twelve days we would
help you in a round sum.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: In Azerbaijan is more profitable places. The country
had oil industry, strongest oil industry. There is also tourism. But
the oil most important for us.

GEORGI ISPIRYAN: Yes, the oil is first.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: In a meetings that we attended to date together with
Said, Osman, Ahmad and others, we are not hear any concrete issues,
but three days ago representative of the Institution of National
Democracy has concretely said that should be preparations for the
revolution. Therefore, Said will leave tomorrow for Poland where
will get training during a week. Will also leave the deputy chairman
for political affairs of the People Front Party Fuad Mustafayev.
Representative of the Institution of National Democracy has already
told me what to do. Because of hot weather in our country are not
expected a serious rallies. We will suspend it till September and I
will reopen our plans and all must be remained secretly.

In September we must organize rally of 100 thousands people. I tell
you these because you are our friends. In other words, all these
plans are from America. The public in Georgia shouldn’t aware of these
excepting the two man. All conversation should be remained secretly.

MERABI JIBUTIA: Really? Thanks.

GEORGI ISPIRYAN: If you will need some aid from the Armenian side,
there are some friends. I will take something completely against
Aliyev. We are able to organize uprising in Armenia too.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: What, in Armenia?


RUSLAN BASHIRLI: I see. You (Osman Alimuradov) tell him it will in
benefit of Aliyevs. They are not aware on the Azerbaijani society.

GEORGI ISPIRYAN: Armenians are always ready for democracy.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: Azerbaijan is open for You forever. We will change
this country and afterwards you will make business there as citizens
of our country. As friends of our citizens and ourselves you will
have a good chances in Azerbaijan.

As regards the problem which is seriously stand before us, the
conflict over Karabakh, we have recognizes occupation of our land.
But we consider that democrats will always collaborate. If we like
to be as part of Europe and the global world then we should simply
find solution to all these problems.

MERABI JIBUTIA: Yes, it’s a global problem.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: Today’s problems in the world not settled through
war. They will find its solution behind the table, drinking cognac
and eating chocolate. We are friends. I said it about Armenians.

MERABI JIBUTIA: Thank you. Sat down.

GEORGI ISPIRYAN: Thanks, I’m satisfied. We like to Your coming to
the power. Therefore youth must hold fighting. I think, we will agree
and all will be best. We will render a financial assistance to your
organization. Maybe after 8-10-12 days you will get these aids. We
like that you come to the power and help to us.

MERABI JIBUTIA: We must unify as fist.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: I will disclose for You one more issue. On the eve
of the elections is planning a meeting of our candidate, as well as
the candidate of all opposition Ali Karimli with Georgian President
Mikheil Saakashvili.


RUSLAN BASHIRLI: He had a men there and they prepare a meeting. If
Ali Karimli will recognized in Europe and by Europeans then…

GEORGI ISPIRYAN: I will help from my side. Now will give 2 thousands
dollars and we will meet after 15 days. Then I will give you 20
thousands dollars. We are helping as we can. When you will come to
the power we will get aid from you.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: It will be a big aid.

MERABI JIBUTIA: You must know that we are given this money for
developing of democracy.

GEORGÝ ISPIRYAN: Yes, only for the sake of democracy.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: I must sign here?

MERABI JIBUTIA: Yes. All rights.

(Ruslan Bashirli signing the check and getting 2 thousands dollars)

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: We will take a street on November 6 and get the
power on November 7.


(Ruslan Bashirli and Osman Alimuradov talking confidentially)

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: Osman, I will spend 500 from these to my wedding and
1000 we must return to themselves that in any circumstances they will
deny all these. As it is we will remain without anything.

GEORGÝ ISPIRYAN: When will happen your meeting I will make a good

I will dring 30 glass of beer.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: Our editor-in-chief Ganimat Zahidov will drink 50
glass. GEORGÝ ISPIRYAN: Really?

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: Yes. For the weekend he drink and not anything
happening. Tell him I will show this money to Ali Karimli and if
he will arrive in Baku I will organize his meeting with Ali Karimli
who is help me on the political issues. Around Ali Karimli are 5-10
non-governmental organizations and businessmen. The later have living
today abroad and will help as they can.

MERABI JIBUTIA: You will convey our greetings to our friends in Baku.
But nobody shouldn’t hear it. We have a friends everywhere where
Azerbaijanis in war. If it necessary we will use the Armenian military
forces against your government.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: They’re like to break the cease-fire?

MERABI JIBUTIA: It’s for uprising against your government.

RUSLAN BASHIRLI: We are friends with Georgians. Allah grant, thank
goodness that we will together with Armenians soon.

If they have courage, they will come tomorrow and we will give to him
oil, all things. Let their economy will develop. Then, they will not
suffering. Now they haven’t anything.


In conclusion, Ruslan Bashirli, Georgi Ispiryan and Merabi Jibutia
have been taking photograph.


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress