New constitution of Armenia -advance towards European integration


PanArmenian News Network
Aug 3 2005

03.08.2005 05:01

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ During today’s press conference UK Ambassador to
Armenia Thorda Abbot-Watt welcomed the Venice Commission’s positive
assessment of the draft constitutional amendments. According to
her, the new constitution of Armenia will become a recurrent step
towards the integration into European structures. At the same time
she noted that it is the Armenian population to decide what kind of
Constitution to adopt and what kind of country to live in. In her
words, the implementation of the Constitution is one of the most
important aspects. “Armenia should itself follow the implementation
process of the Organic Law of the country”, the British diplomat
noted. She also stressed the necessity of participation of all the
political forces in the constitutional reform process. In his turn
U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Anthony Godfrey stated, “We support the
democratic reform in Armenia and hope that the new Constitution will
be adopted in November.” According to him, the positive assessment
by the Venice Commission is an advance, however the process is not
completed yet. “We expect the Armenian population to take part in the
constitutional debate, thus securing conduction of the referendum”,
he noted adding that the adoption of the reviewed Constitution cannot
rule out falsifications. Mr. Godfrey expressed hope that after the
parliamentary debates reasonable decisions will be taken.

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