BAKU: Azeri officer’s hearing due late September

Azeri officer’s hearing due late September

Assa-Irada, Azerbaijan
posted on Aug 1 2005

Baku, July 29, AssA-Irada

The next hearing on Azerbaijani officer Ramil Safarov, charged with
murdering his Armenian counterpart Gurgen Markarian during NATO
courses in Hungary for insulting Azerbaijani martyrs, will be held in
Budapest on September 27. Azerbaijani and Armenian military officers,
who attended the NATO courses together with Safarov, will testify in
court. Armenian officer Ayk Makuchian, who claims the Azerbaijani
officer had made an attempt on his life, will also participate in
the process, Armenian news agencies reported.

Forensic expertise was carried out twice over the past year. One of
them suggests that Safarov was allegedly in psychologically healthy
condition when committing the crime, while the second one – that he
murdered the Armenian officer in a ‘state of affect’.

The Armenian side has suggested that another forensic expertise be
held. The Hungarian court is expected to pass a decision on whether or
not both expertise groups should meet to arrive at a final conclusion.*

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