BAKU: Asim Mollazade is pleased with his visit to USA

Today, Azerbaijan
July 29 2005

Àsim Mollazade is pleased with his visit to USA

27 July 2005 [11:09] – Today.Az

On 26 July chairman of the Party of Democratic Reforms (PDR), member
of the Azerbaijan’s Parliamentary delegation to PACE Asim Mollazade
held a news conference on the results of his visit to the USA.

During the US visit on 15-24 July, Mollazade held meetings at the
White House, the State Department, the Congress, the Pentagon, the
Enterprise Institutions, the Carnegy Foundation and etc., Trend

The PDR chairman spoke of the pre-election situation in Azerbaijan,
goals and the program of the party headed by him, exchanged opinions
on the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. He underlined the role of
ensuring development and stability in Azerbaijan by holding free and
democratic elections.

At the Pentagon he met with the USA deputy Defense Minister, as well
as with the head of the Department on Euro-Asian policy and the
international security Jim MacDugal, with whom the issues of security
in the South Caucasus and Central Asian regions were discussed.
At the White House Mollazade met with the head of the Euro-Asian
Department of the National Security Council David Merkel, with whom
he discussed the pre-election situation in Azerbaijan. At the
meetings with the deputy State Secretary Met Brize and the chief
coordinator on democracy and human rights of the State Department
Gretchen Birkom he exchanged opinions on processes in Azerbaijan and
in the region and the forthcoming elections to the Parliament.

Mollazade also met with a number of congressmen and leaders of
international institutions and projects.

During his meeting with the congressman from Indiana Den Barton, PDR
chairman thanked him for his support of the Council of Europe
resolution on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. At the meeting with the
US congressman Eliot Angle from the New-York state they discussed the
forthcoming parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan and the
American-Azerbaijani ties.

The subject of meetings by Mollazade with the OSCE commission members
at the Congress was the Minsk group activities on peaceful settlement
of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The PDR chairman met with the chair
of the human rights commission Tom Lantos and the head of the
European subcommittee on possible threats Richard Mero.

Mollazade had also meetings at the International Institutes of
Republicans and the National Democracy, where the issues of holding
necessary reforms for ensuring democratic forthcoming parliamentary
elections in Azerbaijan were discussed. Mollazade appreciated highly
the activities of the Institutes in Azerbaijan.

With the program director of the Institute of the National Democracy
Nelson Ledski and director of the project of the transnational
democracy Bruce Jackson, Mollazade discussed the issue of the
upcoming elections in Azerbaijan and the country’s integration in the
Euro-Atlantic Alliance.

Asim Mollazade held also meetings with the representatives of the US
influential media. On the whole he underlined, that his visit was
successful, fruitful and of a large significance.


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