Genocide forum tolerates deniers (press release)
July 28 2005

Genocide forum tolerates deniers

In April of 2005,, a public forum for genocide
discussion, was hacked by the Turkish deniers of the Armenian
Genocide. By the 24th of April, the website was liberated from the
deniers. The academic forum is being moderated currently by the
administration of

(I-Newswire) – The forum currently contains two major sections:
Genocide Related Topics and Politics influencing genocide. Specific
cases of genocides discussed are as followed: Aboriginal, Armenian,
Bosnian, Cambodian, Gypsy, Jewish, Kosovo and Rwanda.

Though the administration of officially recognizes
the above listed genocides, genocide deniers are tolerated on the
forum, as far as these users do not break the general.

In the past, the forum was not being moderated at all. This fact was
especially exploited by some Turkish deniers of the Armenian
Genocide, who posted a number of offensive and racist threads. When
the 90th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was approaching, these
Turkish users did their best to hack the forum. The forum was hacked
and the English language threads were distorted ( for instance, the
section `Armenian Genocide’ became `So-called Armenian Genocide’ );
threads in Turkish were added.

The Armenian Genocide was committed between 1915 and 1923 by the
Ottoman-Turkish government. As a result of the Genocide, more than a
million Armenians were annihilated and the entire Armenian population
of the western part of historic Armenia was wiped off from her
motherland. The cultural losses constituted more than 2000 Armenian
cathedrals, some of them as old as 1700 years. Armenia was the first
country to adopt Christianity as the state religion.

The Republic of Turkey and its agents have contributed a lot of
efforts in denying the Armenian Genocide. It has been done by
falsification of historical facts, destruction of Armenian cultural
monuments, distortion of Armenian geographical names ( such as Mount
Ararat, which was converted into Agri Dagh ) and other various forms.
The attempt to hack was another form of genocide

Administration of will do its best to avoid future

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