Craftsmen Willing To Enter Legal Field


29 July 05

The State Promises to Support

In case of developed workmanship it will be possible to export
additional goods of $300 million as hand-made goods are highly valued
in developed countries in particular, deputy trade and economy
minister, Gagik Vardanian, said yesterday, presenting the agenda of
workmanship development in Armenia.

The agenda will be realized in two stages. Firstly, legal field has to
be created and only then infrastructures in the second stage. An
authorized state organ will support development of craftsmanship, will
systemize all arrangements and information and will create favorable
conditions to export Armenian production. The deputy trade minister
thinks that developed craftsmanship will add more goods in the home
market, will provide employment, thus settling socio-economic issues.

Gagik Vardanian noted that most of the craftsmen are not registered
that’s why their real number is unknown. Deputy minister stated that
the aim to bring the craftsmen into legal field is to give them state
support in order to unite them and find easier ways to the
market. Mr. Vardanian said that except the income tax no other tax
will be levied on the craftsmen.

By Ara Martirosian

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