Tension in Georgian region may affect Armenia – defence minister

Tension in Georgian region may affect Armenia – defence minister

Noyan Tapan news agency
26 Jul 05


We must respect Russia’s and Georgia’s decision on Russian military
bases. If Russia and Georgia have decided to withdraw these bases,
then the opinion of Javakhk’s (Georgia’s Armenian-populated
Samtskhe-Javakheti region) population will be of no importance to
them, Armenian Defence Minister Serzh Sarkisyan said at a meeting with
participants in the third Pan-Armenian Youth Forum in Tsakhkadzor on
23 July.

“Some hot-blooded young men are trying to organize rallies there,
which directly affects Armenia. And Javakhk’s community will be made
to look in the eyes of the Georgian leadership as the perpetrator of
somebody else’s will, which is of no benefit to us as well,” the
minister noted.

Sarkisyan pointed out that Armenia has its own interests and is
pursuing its policy on their basis.

At the same time, the minister said that Armenia must use “all
possible and impossible means” to help Javakhk financially, as well as
in the spheres of culture and education, and constantly discuss the
subject of Javakhk Armenians with the Georgian leadership.

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