Islam: The Religion of Peace?

American Daily, OH
July 20 2005

Islam: The Religion of Peace?
By Tom Brewton (07/20/05)

One consequence of our degraded educational system is a cohort of
college graduates who swallow the fallacious line that Muslims are
the aggrieved party; that because of the Crusades they are victims
who are merely struggling to redress oppression by the formerly
Christian West; that the United States deserved the 9/11 attacks.

The facts are overwhelmingly the reverse of the anti-American picture
painted by our liberal-socialist universities and colleges.

Earlier postings on this website (here and here) have documented some
aspects of the truth about the barbaric and warlike nature of Islam,
which has been a religion of conquest, pillage, and enslavement since
622 AD.

That is not to say that all Muslims fit that profile today. It is to
say, however, that so long as they remain silent about, or joyfully
exult in terrorist mass murders, they do fit that description. Al
Queda~Rs principal spokesmen have explicitly declared war on the
Western world.

Unfortunately, just as happened to American colonists during our 1776
War of Independence, when families and friends were split between
American rebels and loyalists to the crown, Muslims living in western
societies are caught between two loyalties and they must choose.

Maggie~Rs Farm provides additional specifics about Islam~Rs murderous
past in a posting dated Tuesday, July 19. 2005.

Islam: The Religion of Peace
Reading the reactions of Canadian Muslims to the London bombings as
they attempt to paint themselves as victims of nonexistent crimes
made me think back to some of the very real crimes that have been
committed by Muslims against the Christian (and other non-Muslim)
minorities in their midst throughout history. Most Westerners,
familar only with the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, and the
Holocaust, may be surprised by this:

The Armenians: Over 1,000,000 killed by the Turks in 1915 in a
forgotten genocide.

The Assyrian Christians: An ancient, non-Arab people of Northern
Iraq, 500,000-750,000 – almost three-quarters of the entire Assyrian
population – killed in 1915 by the Turks.

The Serbians: The first true ethnic cleansing in the Balkans was
committed by the Ottomans, who after a failed campaign against the
Austrians in the 1680s killed thousands of Serbs and destroyed
hundreds of churches and monasteries, notably in the Serbian homeland
of Kosovo.

The Egyptian Copts: The first major persecutions of Egyptian
Christians began during the medieval Fatimid Caliphate, but they
continue today in the form of abductions, forced conversions and
harsh laws overlooked by the government of Hosni Mubarak.

The Lebanese: Christians were a majority of the inhabitants of
Lebanon from late Roman times until the 1980s civil war, when tens of
thousands were killed and hundreds of thousands more driven to
emigrate. In 1980, Lebanon was majority Christian nation: today,
Christians are a shrinking minority.

The Sudanese: 1.5 million Christians have been killed by Muslims in
the north of the country, and many more have been tortured, enslaved
or driven from their homes.

The Nigerians: Muslims in the north of the country have launched a
virtual civil war against the Christians of the south, killing
thousands of innocent civilians in attacks over the past several

The Iraqi Christians: One of the lamentable results of the Iraq war
has been the persecution, killing and emigration of hundreds of
thousands of Iraqi Christians, who are suspected of being in league
with the Western occupying forces. Christians made up as many as
15-20 percent of the Iraqi population 25 years ago: today the figure
is three percent and falling.

The Hindus: The Muslim conquest of northern India and Afghanistan
resulted in the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Hindus and
Buddhists and the destruction of entire cities. Even when nearly
every last non-Muslim had been killed or converted, the Taliban still
insisted on destroying the harmless and beautiful Buddhist reliefs
carved into cliffsides to eradicate every trace of their memory.

The Indonesians: Attacks against Christians in recent years have
resulted in the deaths of dozens of Christians and the destruction of
thousands of Christian-owned homes and businesses.

This is only a very partial list, of course, but it is fairly
representative of the atrocities that have been committed all over
the world throughout history and up to the present day. All of this
is in addition to continuing legal discrimination against Christians
in Muslim-majority nations, including laws against interfaith
marriage and Muslim-to-Christian conversions in Egypt, laws against
public worship and the establishment of new churches in Saudi Arabia,
and laws against proselytization of Muslims in Malaysia.

Having taken a brief look back at history, it seems more than a
little ridiculous for a Muslim to complain about his treatment in
Canada of all places, which has granted citizenship to hundreds of
thousands of Muslims in recent years, permitted the establishment of
hundreds of mosques, and caved in to Muslim demands at every turn.
Muslim arrogance at present is unparalleled since the days of the
~Srightly guided Caliphs,~T perhaps, and until Western nations find the
spine to stand up to this attitude things will only get worse.

What of the Western leaders describing the bombings as the work of a
“tiny core of extremists,~T or “a fringe movement?” Nonsense. Nearly
every Islamic nation in the world has waged or is currently waging a
war against the non-Muslims in its midst through one means or
another, with the goal of driving such unbelievers out entirely and
establishing complete demographic dominance while sending out
tentacles elsewhere. Islam does not deal in missionaries and sermons,
but in the sword and the chains of bondage, and always has. Modern
international terrorism is merely an outgrowth of this basic mindset,
which implicitly or explicitly condones whatever measures are
necessary to insure the spread of Islam. Perhaps the guilt-ridden
nations of the West can come to understand the vital lessons of
history before it is too late.

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