Citizens Of Armenia Waste About $400 Mln Per Year For Bribe


YEREVAN, JULY 15. ARMINFO. According to the data of European experts,
in developed industrial countries about 1-2% of the citizens solve
their problems by means of bribes, in Russia – 20%, in African
countries – 50-60%, in Armenia – about 40%.

Nongovernmental organizations and human rights defenders of Armenia
discussed Friday the spread of bribery in Armenia and possible
mechanisms on fight against corruption. Armen Ayvazian, Head of the
group on fight against corruption, a part of the Center for assistance
to the fight against terrorism, thinks that total amount of bribes
in Armenia is about $400 mln per year, and the total turnover from
corrupted revenues is several times higher. According to Ayvazian,
the fight against corruption should mean adoption of special laws,
elaboration of mechanisms of fight, presence of will of ruling circles,
society. “The international experience of fight against corruption
shows that rather the will of the leadership of the country than the
form of state government is the key factor”, Ayvazian said.

At the same time the reporters stressed the necessity of ensuring
transparency of the activities of the officials. “Only the transparency
may stop the mass abuses when conducting tenders”, representative of
the Humanitarian Research Center Lawyer Edward Mamikonian said.

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