Great Demand For Apricot And Peach in Ukrainian Market


15 July 05

But it is Not Armenia that Supplies the Country

Grisha Shirvanian, adviser of Armenian’s Small and Average Enterprises
Development project, made public yesterday the results of a study on
possibilities to expert Armenian goods to Ukraine.

The study, conducted in cooperation with the US Agency for
International Development, arrived at the conclusion that all kinds of
fruits, fresh, canned and dried, fish and cheese can be best marketed
in Ukraine. Textile goods — bed linen, towels, socks, underwear, wool
cloths — are also very likely to find their buyers. The study
prophesied good market for travertine, tuff, granite, marble and

The terms for entering the Ukrainian market differ for the goods. To
export Armenians stones, for instance, it was suggested to establish
directed connection with Ukrainian companies engaged in building and
stone working, but for the best sale of textile goods a warehouse in
Kiev is needed.

Grisha Shirvanian informed that the only Armenian product they saw in
Ukrainian market while doing the study was the Armenian cognac, and
not only the one of Yerevan Cognac Factory. Armenia wines, contrary to
Georgia, are not represented in Ukrainian market at all. He mentioned
that we need to organize transportation of big amounts of agricultural
goods to that country. He thinks that even a company that is
considered giant in Armenia cannot provide necessary quantity
alone. Agribusiness needs to united its efforts to do that. Shirvanian
noted that the most demanded fruits in Ukraine’s market after
pineapple is apricot and peach. But they are importuned from Germany,
China and Thailand.

He informed that trade and economy relations between the two states
are developing not evenly, as Armenia exports goods for $7 million
whereas Ukraine export amounts to $60 million.

By Ara Martirosian

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