Boxer Darchinyan takes pay cut, Australia
July 5 2005

Boxer Darchinyan takes pay cut
Date: 05/07/05
By Adrian Warren

Australia’s only current home-based boxing world champion Vic
Darchinyan has taken a substantial pay cut to make his next defence
at home against Colombian challenger Jair Jiminez.

The International Boxing Federation flyweight title holder will make
his second defence on July 27 on a d-rush promotion at the Sydney
Entertainment Centre after knocking back a number of “considerable
offers” to fight overseas.

Darchinyan, who relocated to Australia after representing Armenia at
the Sydney 2000 Olympics, will be having his first fight under the
aegis of the Duet management team.

“Vic turned down some considerable offers overseas for his title
defence and he wants to do it in his hometown of Sydney,” Duet’s
Robert Joske said.

“Several people made strong offers, but he wants to set himself up as
an Australian first and a journeyman travelling into other countries,
second,” Joske added.

All bar one of Darchinyan’s 23 professional fights were held in
Australia, the one exception being the bout in Florida last December
when he took the IBF title from another Colombian Irene Pacheco.

“I love to fight in Australia,” Darchinyan said.

The 29-year-old Sydneysider made his first defence in his adopted
city against South African Mzukisi Sikali back in March at the
considerably smaller Sydney Olympic Park Sports Centre.

“It is a financial gamble on behalf of the promoters, but we were
keen to think that if you do it midweek at the Sydney Entertainment
Centre then the corporate world of the CBD will potentially come out
and support a champion,” Joske said.

Darchinyan said he appreciated the support and expertise he would get
from Duet.

“Robert will look after me, I won’t be involved in business, I will
do my job fulltime in boxing and I don’t have to think about
different things,” Darchinyan said.

Jiminez, 26, has a record of 22 wins (16 KO’s) four losses and one

“He’s a strong puncher and I think it will be a great fight, because
I’m a puncher too,” Darchinyan said.

Joske’s stable includes cricket stars and fight fans Steve Waugh and
Justin Langer, with the former expected to attend Darchinyan’s title

Provided he gets past Jiminez, Darchinyan will try to also win the
World Boxing Council and World Boxing Association titles.

“The opportunity to unify the flyweight division is foremost on his
radar,” Joske said.

“The fact that he loses six to seven kilos to fight as a flyweight
suggests that there will be opportunities for him to move into other
divisions once he has achieved everything he can in the flyweights.”

He has the power to compete in probably two, or even three weight
divisions above what he is fighting at now.