“Jolly Telecom”



| 15:25:56 | 29-06-2005 | Social |

The only competitor of “ArmenTel” “K Telecom” announced about the
tariffs of its service two days before entering the market. In case
of buying a Classic Card they are very close to the lowered tariffs
of “ArmenTel”, , but the competitor of the famous “Easy Card” –
“Alo Card” offers service at quite a low price.

First, “Alo Card” costs 7000 ARMD, and the head of the company Ralf
Yerikyan assured several times that it will not be sold in the black
market at a higher price.

While calling the subscribers of the same telecom a minute costs 48
drams by day and 44 drams by night. On Sundays a minute by day costs
44 drams too. The service is called “Jolly Sunday”.

While calling Karabakh 1 minute of Alo Card costs 110 drams, and of
Classic card 0 55 drams. As for inside Armenia, while calling the
subscriber of “ArmenTel” a minute costs 110/55 drams.

The reloading cards of Viva Cell are of different prices and dates. The
cheapest costs 2000 drams and is valid for 20 days, and the most
expensive costs 18 000 drams and is valid for 300 days.

As for the Classic Card, Viva Cell, in contrast to ArmenTel does
not demand a pre-payment of $100. The card costs 1500 drams, and the
monthly payment is 4000 drams. It should also be added that all the
costs include Value Added Tax.

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