NKR: Objective and Overall Information


Azat Artsakh – Nagorno Karabakh Republic [NKR]
20 June 05

The Central Election Committee does not have a permanent press centre.
The head of the newly established press centre of the Central Election
Committee Mikael Hajyan said the newly-established press centre will
serve as a basis for later establishing the press centre of the
Central Election Committee. The press centre is for the journalists,
as well as the observers. M. Hajyan informed that the centre has 12
computers, ten for the journalists, one for coordinating the work of
the centre and one is placed in the hall for providing information.

The computers are connected to the Internet. The software includes
information about Nagorno Karabakh, the election system, all the
elections on different levels held in Karabakh, including the June
19th election to the parliament. The centre is provided with foreign
telephone communication. On the monitor placed in the hall the centre
provides the latest information. In the hall the centre will hold
briefings and press conferences. Besides, through the media kit which
includes information on the whole process in Armenian, English and
Russian the centre will be able to provide objective and compact
information. Besides, the centre will provide information about the
services available in the city of Stepanakert, telephone numbers and
transport. The centre will work till evening of June 20th. The
telephone number of the centre is 7 18 55.


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