Tenfold Increase In Drug Addict Number In Armenia Since 1986


YEREVAN, JUNE 16. ARMINFO. The number of people addicted to drug and
alcohol has grown almost tenfold in Armenia since 1986, says the head
of the organization and methodology department of Armenia’s health
care ministry Seda Jamalyan.

In Armenia there are almost 5,000 real drug addicts against official
183 ones. 40% of them are people from 40-59 who tried drug for the
first time at the age of 14-15. The recovery course at a special clinic
lasts 24 days – 5,600 AMD per day while those wanting to be treated
openly enjoy free treatment. The clinic has also registered 3,544
alcoholics with 755 ones already treated. Most of the patients are men.

The clinic representative Gayane Vardazaryan says that only 5%-10% of
the patients are recovered with the rest taking to the booze or dope
again. She says that with heroin one can become an addict from the very
first time while other drugs take effect slower but as effectively. The
consequences are very serious – for a drug addict can do anything to
get dope and often drowning himself pulls many others. Society should
regard drug addiction as a chronic disease while parents should be
always on the alert with their children, says Vardazaryan.

“It has got into my blood and will go out of me only with my soul…
I am tired, goodbye and wish me health,” says an anonymous alcoholic
of 40-45 before entering the clinic for hope.

Reliable sources say that in Armenia one gram of heroin costs
$120-150. A daily doze for a heroin addict is 2.5 grams.

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