TEHRAN: Iran, Armenia keen to expand educational, research cooperati

Iran, Armenia keen to expand educational, research cooperation

IRNA, Iran
June 15 2005

Moscow, June 15, IRNA Iran-Armenia-Haji Iran’s Minister of Education
Morteza Haji in a meeting with Armenian Prime Minister Andranik
Markarian in Yerevan on Wednesday expressed satisfaction with
multi-faceted expansion of mutual ties and stressed the need to
bolster cooperation in the field of education and research.

Currently on a three-day visit to the Armenian capital of Yerevan,
Haji referred to the significance of closer communication between
pupils and students as well as scientific, educational and research
centers of both countries.

Turning to the Iranology Center in Armenia, the minister reiterated
the need to broaden its activities.

For his part, Markarian regretted the recent terrorist acts in Iran
and expressed grief over the death of a number of Iranian citizens
in several blasts.

He underlined that the background of amicable relations between the
two nations, close cooperation of the two governments since Armenia
gained independence and the growing trend of mutual ties paved the
way for consolidating relations.

Markarian pointed to the significance of Iran-Armenia collaboration
in the domain of science and education, and called for expansion of
such exchanges and closer communication between various institutes
active in the field.

“Given the growing economic cooperation between the two states, the
positive outcome of implementing major projects will be evident at
the regional level,” he added.

In another meeting with the Head of Armenia’s Presidential Office
Artash Tumanyan and the Armenian head of joint economic commission,
Haji placed special focus on closer interactions between the two

He stressed the role of the Iran-Armenia Economic Commission in
mutual relations.

Tumanyan referred to the importance of Haji’s visit to his country
and assessed the growing trend of bilateral ties as positive.

He urged the need to expand collaboration in the domain of science
and research with the framework of the joint economic commission.

The official pointed out that Iran’s significant regional status is
of great importance in Armenia’s foreign relations.

“Given that a considerable number of Iranian students are currently
studying in Armenian universities, special attention should be paid
to broadening cooperation in the field,” concluded Tumanyan.

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