ANKARA: So-Called Genocide’s Passionate Claimer Manoyan Seeks Dialog

Zaman Online, Turkey
June 13 2005

So-Called Genocide’s Passionate Claimer Manoyan Seeks Dialogue
By Fatih Ugur,Tuncay Kayaoglu
Published: Monday 13, 2005

The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Balikesir Deputy Turhan
Comez, who continues his contacts in the Armenian capital Yerevan,
held a surprise talk yesterday with Giro Manoyan, deputy of the Dashnak
Party and one of the most passionate claimers of the so-called Armenian
“genocide” allegations.

Comez and Manoyan announced at a press conference following the talks
that Armenian-Turkish relations should be developed. “A dialogue is
certainly necessary,” said Manoyan, “However, building a dialogue does
not mean that all problems are solved. Both parties should sincerely
express their perspectives. The media, in this respect, also has
a huge responsibility to undertake.” He acknowledged meeting with
a politician from Turkey for the first time: “We have conveyed our
stance. Negotiations are our hope. It is possible for our people to
live in peace together.” Comez in return remarked about the exchange
of opinions with Manoyan: “The meeting was held to share our intentions
and ideas. I thank Armenia for their hospitability. We, as two nations
sharing the same geography, can take steps forward in harmony and
mutual understanding, and open the channels of communication with
warm dialogue. Dialogue is a must. ”

Visiting the Horvirat Monastery at the Turkish-Armenian border,
the AKP Deputy bought a pigeon from local children and set it free
by saying, “This was the peace pigeon.” During the Monastery visit,
Comez also attended a national talk show on an Armenian television.

When asked, “Why didn’t you visit the genocide monument?” he replied
that it was not included in his program. To another question, “Will
you visit it during your next visit?” Comez answered by saying,
“Let’s not speak with false assumptions”.

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From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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