ANKARA: Erdogan Warns both Syria and The New York Times

Zaman, Turkey
June 12 2005

Erdogan Warns both Syria and The New York Times
By Cihan News Agency
Published: Sunday 12, 2005

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a meeting with the
executive editors board of The New York Times (NYT) during his US
visit. Erdogan asked the NYT why it rejected the publication of a
declaration prepared by 36 Turkish nongovernmental organizations
(NGOs) against the Armenian genocide allegations and criticized the
newspaper for its paradoxical and erroneous justifications.

The editors had difficulty in answering Erdogan’s question and
announced that they would state their reply later. Erdogan also
explained in an interview with the NYT that they have been
implementing cautious pressure on Syria and emphasized that Turkey
never approves of repressive regimes. The Prime Minister said: “If
Damascus continues to shelter terrorists, it will remain isolated in
the world.”

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