Pullout of mil equipment to Armenia won’t upset balance – lawmaker

ITAR-TASS News Agency
June 10, 2005 Friday 8:30 AM Eastern Time

Pullout of mil equipment to Armenia won’t upset balance – lawmaker

By Alexander Konovalov and Sergei Ostanin


A pullout of part of the Russian military equipment from Georgia to
Armenia will not boost the quantity of Russian armaments in
Transcaucasia, nor will it change the balance of forces in the
region, member of the committee on security under the State Duma
lower house of the Russian parliament Gennady Gudkov told reporters
on Friday.

“Part of the military equipment of the Russian military bases in
Georgia, which Russia plans to deploy in Armenia, will be handed over
to the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri, to replace the
decommissioned vehicles,” Gudkov answered in response to an Itar-Tass

“The balance of forces in the region won’t be upset because it’s
about bringing to strength the equipment of the 102nd base,” he

In his connection, he noted that Azerbaijan has no reasons to be

“This is Russian equipment; its transfer to Armenia is not
envisioned,” according to the lawmaker.

The parliamentarian also said that the transfer of the administration
bodies of the Russian troops in Georgia to the Gyumri base is in the
plans as well.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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