ANKARA: ‘Love Tree’ Planted into the World’s Heart

Zaman Online, Turkey
June 8 2005

‘Love Tree’ Planted into the World’s Heart
By Zaman
Published: Wednesday 08, 2005

The Dialogue Eurasia Platform has planted a “Tree of Love” at its
opening ceremony in Moscow to a global presence that included 14
spiritual leaders and religious representatives from around the

Students assisted the clerics in planting and watering the symbolic
olive tree. Russian students carried banners that read, “Love and
Tolerance for World Peace”. Turkey Armenians Deputy Patriarch Priest
Shahak Mashalian evaluated the meeting to Zaman saying, “There was
nothing like the symbol of this tree 10-15 years ago. We will see the
fruits of the dialogue a few years later just as we will see the
fruits on the tree. Symbols are very important in religion.” The
Azerbaijan Ataturk Center President added, “Sending the
inter-religious dialogue message from the Koloniy Zal saloon, where
once there was not any concept except that of official Communist
ideology, gives us hope for the future.” Those participating in the
international forum include Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Ukraine,
Azerbaijan, Indonesia, India, US, Germany and Belgium.

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