BAKU: Summary of Azeri ANS TV programme “Otan Hafta” at 1600 gmt 5

Summary of Azeri ANS TV programme “Otan Hafta” at 1600 gmt 5 June 05

ANS TV, Baku
6 Jun 05

Presenter Qanira Pasayeva

1. 0014 Headlines.

2. 0103 President Ilham Aliyev has signed an anti-inflation
decree. Details of the decree.

3. 1125 Discussions between the Azerbaijani government and the Council
of Europe Venice Commission on changing the country’s Electoral Code
have come to an end. The Azerbaijani government has turned down a
Venice Commission suggestion on forming electoral commissions on the
basis of parity. Safa Mirzayev, head of the Milli Maclis (parliament)
executive staff, said in the ANS studio that Azerbaijan cannot change
the composition of electoral commissions just five months ahead of the
elections. He said free and fair elections can be held with the
current electoral commissions as well.

4. 1909 The Azerbaijani opposition staged first authorized rally in 20
months on 4 June. Video showed the rally by the bloc of three
opposition parties. The ANS reporter said among the organizers of the
rally the People’s Front of Azerbaijan Party seemed more active. The
bloc is expected to stage its next rally on 18 June.

5. 2328 An interview with Mats Lindberg, representative of the Council
of Europe secretary-general. Lindberg said trust in electoral
commissions is important in holding free and fair elections.

6. 3115 The Council of Europe Monitoring Committee discussed the issue
of Azerbaijan’s political prisoners and democratic institutions this
week. Asim Mollazada, a member of Azerbaijan’s parliamentary
delegation at PACE, said in the ANS studio that a struggle is under
way between progressive and regressive forces within the Azerbaijani

7. 4002 Prime Minister Artur Rasizada has said in Tbilisi that
Azerbaijan will draw some conclusions from Russia relocating its
military bases from Georgia to Armenia. No details. The presenter says
Tbilisi is not happy with the relocation either, because it has a
restive Armenian minority on its border with Armenia.

8. 4204 Commercials.

9. 4648 Report on problems in Azerbaijan’s education system.

10. 5412 The presenter says businesses in Azerbaijan’s most lucrative
sectors – the construction industry, wedding houses and transportation
– are evading taxes. The reporter says although the construction
industry makes up 13.5 per cent of the GDP, it accounts for only 4.4
per cent of all taxes collected in the country.

11. 1:0100 Commercials.

12. 1:0401 An interview with Salim Muslumov, head of the state social
security fund. Muslumov says the country’s unemployment figures are

13. 1:1508 The management of the Azerbaijan State Caspian Sea Shipping
does not permit Audit Chamber officials to inspect the company,
presenter says. The company also behaves as a monopolist. It does not
allow the Hazi Aslanov vessel of the Palmali Shipping company to enter
the Baku port. Aydin Basirov, head of the Azerbaijan State Caspian Sea
Shipping says the vessel is not allowed to enter the Baku port because
it is sailing under the Russian flag.

14. 1:2301 Presenter signs off.