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| 20:11:39 | 03-06-2005 | Politics |

Armenia has taken upon the commitment to send the COE Venice Commission
the RA Draft Constitution adopted by the first reading in which the
offers of the Commission experts will be added till June 20. After
that on June 23-24 the same draft will be discussed in Strasbourg.

Let us remind you that the demands of the Venice Commission experts
consist of 3 points, which refer to the principle of sharing power,
independence of the judicial power and the electing of the Yerevan
mayor. “If everything is fine, I would like the Constitutional
referendum be organized not later than in October”, announced Venice
Commission secretary Gianni Bukikio while concluding the two-day work
during today’s press conference.

Evaluating the meetings of the past two days Mr. Bukikio mentioned,
“The meetings were vary useful. We have had good results. The COE
expects a good Constitution from Armenia, which is very important
for the realization of further programs, for example the program
“New Neighbors”.

Gianni Bukikio evaluated the meeting with Robert Kocharyan as
“very interesting”. According to the Commission secretary Robert
Kocharyan realizes the importance of having an independent judicial
power. As for the other two demands, Kocharyan’s opinion was not
unequivocal. While speaking about the principle of sharing power,
Kocharyan has tries to convince Bukikio that “especially in this
region people need powerful leaders”. Bukikio has answered that
“one can achieve it in case of semi-presidential system too”.

As for the demand to elect the Yerevan mayor, in this case, according
to Bukikio, “Kocharyan was flexible”. He offered the Commission
secretary to exclude the point about the Yerevan mayor from the
draft and to create instead a new law on Mayors. Even in case of
this “flexibility” Bukikio stood his ground “that the mayor must
be elected”.

After staying in Armenia for two days and having meetings, the Venice
Commission secretary Gianni Bukikio has been convinced that the RA
authorities are ready to accept their offers.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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