Sweden closes its second nuclear power plant


AZG Armenian Daily #101, 03/06/2005


25 years ago the Swedes voted against the utilization of nuclear
power. On June 1, Sweden closed its second “Barsbak 2” nuclear power
plant. “Barsbak 1” was closed six years ago. The decision to close
the nuclear power plant was adopted as a result of a referendum in
1980, but today’s’ demands have changed already. The latest public
polls testified to the fact that the overwhelming majority of the
country’s population, 80% emphasizes the importance of utilization
of the nuclear power that helps to secure the energetic demands of
the country. Most of the Swedish people are concerned that in case of
energetic crisis, they will have to apply for help to the coal and gas
energy plants of Europe. It is already obvious that the energy prices
will sharply increase soon. The neighboring countries of Sweden are
less concerned about this issue; for instance, Denmark doesn’t use
the nuclear power as an energy source, while Finland will launch its
fifth nuclear power plant in 2009. The Swedish company that was the
owner of the closed nuclear power plant envisages building a wind
electric plant in the north of Europe, spending $1 billion.

By Ruzan Poghosian

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