US president “highly assesses” relations with Armenia

US president “highly assesses” relations with Armenia

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
30 May 05

Armenian ambassador to the USA Tatul Markaryan has presented his
credentials to US President George Bush.

The traditional exchange of messages took place during the
ceremony. Ambassador Markaryan highly assessed the current level of
Armenian-American relations, noting that the Armenian-US cooperation
is based on common interests and values, as well as friendship between
the two nations. The ambassador thanked the United States for the
assistance to Armenia during the independence years. He emphasized
the Armenian-US cooperation in political, military, trade and economic
spheres and expressed the Armenian authorities’ readiness to continue
partnership relations with the USA.

President Bush highly assessed the level of the Armenian-US relations,
saying that the two countries have historical ties. Beginning from
1991when Armenia declared its independence, we have been working
together to establish democratic institutes and economic basis so that
Armenia can overcome the consequences of the destructive earthquake
of 1988, the collapse of the USSR and war with Azerbaijan for Nagornyy
Karabakh, the US president said in his message.

The US president also stressed that owing to great progress registered
in Armenia during the past 15 years the republic had been involved
in the Millennium Challenge programme.

The US president praised Armenia for its contribution to the struggle
against international terrorism and for sending peacekeepers to
Iraq. The US president’s message once again confirmed his country’s
readiness to assist the peaceful resolution of the Karabakh conflict
and normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations.