MOSCOW: Russia moves hardware from base in Georgia to Armenia

Russia moves hardware from base in Georgia to Armenia

Interfax news agency
1 Jun 05

Moscow, 1 June: A train carrying surplus ammunition and hardware
belonging to Russian military base No 12 in Batumi [Georgia] left
for Russian military base No 102 in Armenia’s Gyumri on 31 May.

“These are surplus ammunition and hardware that are being transferred
to supply the 102nd base in line with an earlier endorsed plan,”
deputy commander of the Group of Russian Forces in the Caucasus,
Col Vladimir Kuparadze, told Interfax by phone from Batumi.

“The train is composed of 15 carriages and flat wagons carrying
ammunition and vehicles,” Kuparadze said. This is the third train with
surplus materiel leave Batumi in the last three months, Kuparadze said.

“The transfer of the materiel to Russia and base No 102 is not related
to the Russian-Georgian agreement on the dates the bases’ withdrawal
signed in Moscow on Monday [31 May],” he said.

The train’s dispatch was coordinated with the Georgian side,
Kuparadze added.

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