Raffi Hovhannissyan Is Elected Chairman Of “Heritage” Party


YEREVAN, MAY 30. ARMINFO. Raffi Hovhannissyan was elected the Chairman
of “Heritage” party at its third session, May 30.

He stated in his speech that changing status-quo at Armenia’s internal
political field is party’s priority task. In his words, the heritage
of Armenian people should be saved from representatives of present
ruling regime privatized the power and used it exceptionally in its
own interests.

Hovhannissyan stressed the necessity of overcoming the atmosphere of
distrust existing in Armenia. However, he noted that Armenian people
should not follow signals from Washington, Moscow or Europe. “We should
decide our fate by ourself without any intervention from outside”,
Hovhannissyan stated. As regards the possibility of his nomination
as a presidential contender, Hovhannissyan stressed that this matter
is not priority for him.

To note, representatives of diplomatic corps of foreign countries
accredited to Armenia, as well as leaders of all the opposition forces
(except “Armenian nation-wide movement” and “New Times”) participated
at the session. -r-