Armenians in Georgia


| 13:08:42 | 30-05-2005 | Official |

The delegation with RA Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan at the head
will be in Georgia on official visit on June 1-3, to take part in
the usual session of the CIS countries Governments’ heads.

In the CIS countries Governments’ heads council session to take part
on June 3, a large quantity of issues about cooperation in commercial,
financial and humanitarian fields will be discussed. It is anticipated
that the heads of Governments will sign more than 20 documents about
cooperation in the fields of commerce and economy, ecology, health,
security, as well as in the military field.

On June 2 the Georgian President Mikhail Sahakashvili will receive
the participants of the meeting.

Within the framework of the official visit Prime Minister Andranik
Margaryan may also have two-party meetings, particularly, with the
Georgian Parliament President Nino Burjanadze, Prime Minister Zurab
Nogaideli, etc. There will also be negotiations between the Armenian
and Georgian Governmental delegations.

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