Armenian climbers to take part in conquering Everest

AZG Armenian Daily #093, 24/05/2005



Members of an Armenian climbers’ team that together with an international
team scaled Elbrus (5642 m) recently and hoisted the flags of Armenia and
UN, met journalists on May 21. Tigran Nersisiantz and Hayk Tonoyan, team
members, thanked first of all Lise Grande, United Nations Resident
Coordinator in Armenia, and presented her a picture featuring the flags
erected on Elbrus.

The climbers told us that the ascension was postponed due to bad weather
conditions. On May 8, famous Russian climber Alexander Mikhailiv died as a
result of an accident and the mounting was put off again. Only on May 10,
the expedition set out to the top of the Mount Elbrus from the camp at
altitude of 4200 meters. At 2:30 p.m. the summit was conquered.

There were 600 climbers from 16 countries, chiefly from CIS, in the
expedition. It is envisaged that Armenian climbers will take part in coming
expedition onto Everest in August or September. The climbers will likely to
set out from the territory of China – the northern slope of the mountain.
This is technically a harder route but it requires less money. Our climbers
are sure that they will conquer Everest. Trainings have already started and
as days approaching they will hold joint trainings with the other members of
the expedition.

By Ashot Hayrapetian

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