BAKU: Armenia represents serious threat to maintenance of peace on s

Azer Tag, Azerbaijan
May 21 2005

[May 21, 2005, 12:20:09]

On May 20, in the “Crescent Beach” hotel, with the support of NATO
Public Diplomacy department, a 2-day seminar organized by the NATO
Studies Center and Public Association “Women – Leaders” on the topic
“Safety and Stability on Southern Caucasus”.

The president of the NATO Studies Center Vasile Sekares, the president
of Public Association “Women – Leaders”, MP Malahat Hasanova informed
that the goal of the seminar consists in discussion of the questions
concerning safety and stability on Southern Caucasus.

The deputy foreign minister of Azerbaijan Araz Azimov has noted
importance of safety and stability in expansion of regional
cooperation, prompt integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures,
and achievement by the countries of economic development. He also
has emphasized necessity of safety and stability for full development
of democracy in region. Democracy is closely connected to safety and
stability. These factors should be provided in complex, he stressed.

Azerbaijan, during the 14-years period of the independence has carried
out significant work for maintenance of the said factors. However,
conflicts existing in region interfere with its safety and stability,
integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures, regional cooperation.

>>From the point of view of regional cooperation, Azerbaijan together
with Georgia has undertaken certain steps. Due to this, Southern
Caucasus can play role of transit. However, Armenia as against
Azerbaijan and Georgia, shows completely other position in regard
with safety and stability on Southern Caucasus, questions of regional
cooperation. So, Azerbaijan, exporting power resources, and Georgia
as the transit country, make contribution to development of region.
Armenia exports instability.

Araz Azimov has noted that safety and stability of Southern
Caucasus influence safety and stability of Europe, and the region
of Mediterranean Sea – Black Sea – Caspian Sea. Safety of Europe is
connected to safety of Southern Caucasus.

At the seminar, also speaking was the Head of the NATO Defense
Cooperation Sector George Katsirdakis, the ambassador of Turkey
to Azerbaijan Turan Morali, the deputy foreign minister of Georgia
Konstantin Kavtaradze, the employee of Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Tofig Musayev, the officer – coordinator of the NATO on the countries
of Southern Caucasus Romaldus Razusk, the ambassador of Romania to
Baku Nikolay Ureke and others.

On May 21, the seminar will continue.

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