Armenian Spiritual Leader Condemns Desecration to Qur’an

Armenian Spiritual Leader Condemns Desecration to Qur’an

Iranian Quran News Agency, Iran
May 19 2005


Tehran, IQNA: May 19, 2005-Armenian spiritual leader,Catholicos Aram I,
in a meeting with the head of department of culture &Islamic science
condemned American troop’s desecration to holy Qur’an in Guantanamo.

“Outrageous remarks and desecration acts to religious values and
Scriptures are not justified anywhere and ought to be condemned.”

Armenian spiritual leader here in Tehran saying this added the very
first measure in avoiding such outrages is dialogue among religions.

ICSD’s public relations office reported.

Today dialogue among religions is a principle matter and all divine
religions should take effective steps to get closer to each other and
it is incumbent upon followers of all divine religions to support
one another and heed not to provocative remarks of malicious media
empire. Cath1olicos Aram I, concluded.

At this friendly meeting, ICSD’s head, Hujjat-ul-Islam Mahmood
Mohammadi Araghi also condemned the desecration to holy Qur’an and
called for dialogue among religions.

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