BAKU: Azerbaijan hands over two Armenian POWs

Azerbaijan hands over two Armenian POWs

Space TV, Baku
11 May 05

[Presenter] Azerbaijan handed over two Armenians to the opposite side
on the Qazax-Idzhevan section of the border today. Interestingly, one
of them appeared in Azerbaijan for the second time. Our regional
correspondent has the details.

[Correspondent] Six POWs have been handed over to Armenia since
January. A Yezidi Kurd, Zograb Tamayan, born in 1985, and Volod
Karapetyan, born in 1960, were handed over to Armenia in Qazax’s Bala
Cafarli border village today.

Tamayan was taken prisoner in the village of Kamarli bordering on
Armenia’s Noyamberyan [District]. He claimed being tortured in the
Armenian army because of his ethnic background. He viewed his escape
to Azerbaijan as the only way to avoid tortures.

Karapetyan was taken prisoner in the Bala Cafarli village of Qazax
District bordering Idzhevan. The chief of the military police, Col
Rovsan Maharramov, headed the handover process on the Azerbaijani
side. The POWs were handed over to Samvel Asatryan, the deputy border

The POWs said that many deserted the Armenian army and discipline was
extremely poor.

I would like to add that Karapetyan was taken prisoner by the
Azerbaijani side for the second time. Although the POWs crossed the
Armenian border unnoticed, they were detained by the Azerbaijani side.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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