HH Aram I calls on Germany Church to back Genocide recognition

Catholicos Aram I calls on Germany Church to back Genocide recognition

10.05.2005 12:47

YEREVAN (YERKIR) – In letter to the Chairman of the Evangelical Church
in Germany, Catholicos of the Great House of Cilicia Aram I asked
Germany’s churches to support Armenian Genocide recognition efforts,
so as to “restore the rights of the Armenian people, which have been
held captive.”

“We are deeply satisfied that in German political and academic
circles, there is renewed interest and vigor in advancing the issue of
the Armenian genocide,” His Holiness Aram I writes to Bishop Wolfgang

The Catholicos praises all parties in the German parliament, which
recently agreed to a resolution telling Turkey to “take historic
responsibility” for the 1915 Armenian genocide. He also praised German
Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder for reminding the leadership of Turkey,
duringa recent visit there, that it must come to terms with the issue
of the Armenian Genocide in order to join the European Union.

Bishop Huber and Catholicos Aram I enjoy a lengthy professional
relationship and personal friendship, including their work together on
the World Council of Churches.

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