The family from the <<Calamity Zone>> asking for help



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The boy in the picture is one of the many children born
in the post-earthquake Spitak to soothe the pain after the
earthquake. 15-year-old Vardan Ghoukasyan knows his elder brother who
died in the disastrous earthquake of December 7, 1988, at the age of
14, only by photos.

Vardan grew up with his other brother, but this did not last
long either. The other elder brother went to serve in the army and
three months before coming on May 18, 1998 was killed in Karabakh by
Azeris. From the three sons only one was left in the Ghoukasyan family.

After a recent investigation the doctors learned that the boy has
the illness called “glomerulonephritis”, and the family learned that
soon they will lose their last child. The two kidneys of the child
are quickly losing the ability to perform their function. Living
in temporary houses in the calamity zone greatly contributed to the
development of the illness.

Today the doctors do not have any means to cure the child. The only
way to save him is to transplant a kidney. The operation is realized
in the «Arabkir» medical center, and there is already a donor – the
father of the child. The Ghoukasyans living in the calamity zone do
not have the money necessary for the operation, and the doctors claim
that the child must be saved within the coming months.

For his age, 15-year-old Vardan Ghoukasyan has great plans for future.
Giving his articles to different newspapers in Spitak and participating
in a competition he has already won a computer. Although it is an
old one, Vardan is sure that it is the «instrument» of his future,
as the future journalist needs equipment.

We call everyone and ask everyone to help the calamity zone one more
time and to save the life of the child symbolizing hope with his
birth after the calamity.

For information you can call (0255) 2-20-65 in Spitak, or 58-54-27
to «A1+», and write to [email protected]


From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress

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