‘It is the next disinformation by the Azeris’

AZG Armenian Daily #076, 28/04/2005



The trial over Azerbaijani officer Jamil Safarov who had heinously murdered
his Armenian counterpart in Budapest will resume May 10. On this occasion
the Azeri authorities declared that they are intent to transfer the trial to
Baku, claiming that international laws allow to do that.

We asked Nazeli Vardanian, lawyer of Gurgen Margarian, what the consequences
of Azerbaijan’s new trick will be. “The process started in Budapest and it
will end there. There was such a decision to transfer the trial to Baku last
year but then it changed. The matter has nothing to do with international
laws, it will be settled in accordance with Hungarian legislation. This is
the next provocation, next misinformation by the Azeris that should not be
responded to neither by media nor anyhow”.

Hungarian laws do not stipulate that the trial may be transferred to
Azerbaijan. There is no bilateral agreement between Azerbaijan and Hungary
on this, regardless what international conventions and laws dictate.

By Karine Danielian

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