Armenian NGO News in Brief – 04/29/2005


Volume 2, No. 53,
April, 2005

This issue of the Newsletter is devoted to the AAA NGO Training and Resource
Center’s Grants Programs


Our grants program was aimed at promoting social partnership mechanisms
between NGOs and stakeholders, as well as advancing participation of NGOs in
improving the conditions of disadvantaged populations. Funding of the grants
program was provided by USAID. Eighteen NGOs received financial assistance
totaling 141.938.832 AMD, which provided direct benefits to about 38.114
disadvantaged individuals in Yerevan, Shirak, Gegharkunik, Tavush, Ararat
and Lori regions. Below are brief descriptions of projects implemented by
grantee NGOs.


To increase employment opportunities within the civil service to disabled
people with limited mobility, Galik NGO provided professional and
psychological consultancy and training courses for the disabled. In addition
to learning computer skills, 96 disabled people underwent Civil Service
Employment training. They gained knowledge on legislation related to civil
service employment and were informed about competition requirements and
participation process. Sixteen have already participated in competitions;
four have successfully passed the competitions and are now registered in the
civil service system reserve system.

Contact: Artur Sargsyan
Galik NGO
1 Jrashat St.
Tel.: (374-1) 54-19-85; 56-53-54
E-mail: [email protected]


The Against Epilepsy National Union NGO, through its Social Integration of
Children with Epilepsy in Gyumri project, contributed to the early detection
of epilepsy and the prevention of accidents which occur as a result of
epileptic seizures. Training courses were conducted for the personnel of
schools, kindergartens, hospitals and ambulance stations to raise their
awareness on symptoms and manifestations of the disease. They developed
first aid skills necessary. Educational materials were disseminated to the
public-at-large. The NGO provided medical, social and psychological
consultancies to people with epilepsy and ensured their undergoing necessary
diagnostic examinations in the Erebuni Epileptological Center.

Contact: Vahagn Darbinyan
Against Epilepsy National Union NGO
14 Titogradyan St.
Tel.: (374-1) 47-49-31
E-mail: [email protected]


Addressing the issue of the disabled people’s independent life, the Lusastgh
Charitable Union NGO conducted training courses among disabled people and
their nurses in Gyumri, Vanadzor, Spitak and Stepanavan. Beneficiaries
gained knowledge on care, self-care, hygiene and as a result, developed
important independent living skills. One outcome was that self-assistance
groups were created to continue working with disabled people and their
nurses needing assistance. Within the framework of the project, the NGO
produced an educational film on organizing care and self-care. The NGO also
published a brochure–Care, Self-Care For The Disabled–with both
theoretical and practical recommendations. The publication will be a
medical, psychological, social and professional guidebook for the disabled
and their family members to independently organize their life to the extent

Contact: Nune Pepanyan
Lusastgh Charitable Union NGO
Vanadzor, 2/4 Azatamartikneri St.
Tel.: (374-51) 4-29-14
E-mail: [email protected]


Through its Social Partnership, Healthy Family, Strong Society project, the
Shirak International Association NGO assisted those lonely mothers, ones
with many children, juveniles, women abandoned by their husbands, and widows
with children who are permanently subject to various risks. The NGO provided
assistance in solving family problems and improving social conditions by
promoting their activeness and integration into society. The NGO worked
towards overcoming the psychological isolation of their target group. With
this regard, developing skills and transferring knowledge through training
courses was effective in terms of assisting the beneficiaries in dealing
with state structures and independently solving their problems. Within the
framework of the project, beneficiaries were provided with humanitarian
assistance, consultancy, information and mediated assistance. Definite
positive results, recorded during project implementation, prove that
preventive activities conducted with risk group families and cooperation
with other interested parties will only contribute to the effective solution
of problems.

Contact: Geghanush Gyunashyan
Shirak International Association NGO
Gyumri, 1/50 Isahakyan St.
Tel.: (374-41) 3-06-74
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]


The Union of Seminarians NGO made a step forward in solving the pre-school
preparation problem of children not attending kindergartens by educating 240
vulnerable children. During project implementation, children gained basic
knowledge, and their days were filled with games, aesthetic and handicraft
activities. Once a day, the children were provided with a meal. Special
efforts were made in developing gifted children’s skills. Children with
specific difficulties and behavioral problems were provided with
psychological assistance. Thus, the NGO established level starting
conditions for children not able to attend pre-school institutions, so they
could enter school psychologically prepared and with the skills necessary
for their age level.

Contact: Khachik Hakobyan
Union of Seminarians NGO
Tel.: (374-1) 64-51-54, 64-01-02
E-mail: [email protected]


The Paros Center for Educational and Cultural Development of the Disabled
NGO helped vulnerable disabled people with mobility problems to lessen
wounds and bedsores through home based medical care. Family members gained
knowledge on first medical aid, developed relevant skills and now, they
themselves are able to monitor the health conditions of their disabled
family members through proper care. During project implementation, some of
the disabled and representatives of other vulnerable groups learned computer
skills. Others participated in singing classes. The NGO provided
transportation for some beneficiaries to special gyms, where specialists
worked with them and gave them recommendations on health rehabilitation and
avoiding psychological complexes. Within the framework of the project,
refugee and lonely mothers, as well as those with many children, and with
disabled family members, learned sewing skills, providing them with a skill
set which could open up employment opportunities. Currently a small sewing
workshop is functioning, where the best of them were provided with jobs.
Those wishing to get involved in these activities can contact the Paros NGO.

Contact: Suren Ohanyan
Paros Center For Educational And Cultural Development Of The Disabled NGO
30/39 First Nork District
Tel.: (374-1) 63-29-58
E-mail: [email protected]


Beneficiaries of the Haghartsin Youth NGO’s project were schoolchildren from
first to sixth grades of 13 schools in Yerevan. They obtained knowledge on
personal, food and mouth hygiene, physical conditioning and bad habits. They
received brochures on healthy lifestyles, hygiene and physical exercise. As
stated by Haghartsin Youth NGO Chairman Robert Sukiasyan, the project was
effective in terms of preventing diseases among schoolchildren and reducing
the frequency of illness. Data collected and analyzed during project
implementation will be presented to the Ministry of Science and Education,
along with recommendations for applying the lessons learned in Armenia’s
educational system.

Contact: Robert Sukiasyan
Haghartsin Youth NGO
Tel.: (374-1) 56-04-42
E-mail: [email protected]


The Maternity Fund of Armenia Charitable NGO’s project was aimed at raising
awareness levels, providing integrated pre-natal and post-natal monitoring
and care and protecting the interests of pregnant women, particularly
socially vulnerable women, in the Kanaker-Zeytun community. During project
implementation, 120 pregnant women were provided with antenatal counseling
to ensure their medical observation. They participated in interactive
training courses, conducted by an obstetrician-gynecologist, psychologist,
pediatrician, legal specialist and social worker. Twenty booklets were
provided to them. Visiting nurses provided assistance in household issues to
pre-natal and post-natal, risk group pregnant women. Beneficiaries also
received humanitarian assistance. It is anticipated that the experiences
gained from this project can be shared with other communities.

Contact: Susanna Aslanyan
Maternity Fund Of Armenia Charitable NGO
11 David Anhaght St., 6th floor
Tel.: (374-1) 28-75-49, 28-35-75
E-mail: [email protected]

The Pan Armenian New Generation Youth Union NGO’s project was aimed at
solving the garbage management problem of the Vanadzor neighborhood.
Household garbage and construction waste containers were placed, garbage
removal schedules were developed, leaflets on the new waste removal system
were distributed and video clips were broadcast on the NGO activities.
Armen Matinyan
Pan Armenian New Generation Youth Union NGO
Vanadzor, 86/25 Aghayan St.
Tel.: (374-51) 5-53-03, 2-12-07
E-mail: [email protected]

The Khachvogh Ughiner (Crossing Ways) Social NGO provided the Bazum
community with information technologies and contributed to the improvement
of living conditions for members of the neighborhood by creating a Community
Development and Civic Initiative Center. The Center provides the following
services to the community: developing computer skills and NGO capacity
building training; free access to computers and the Internet; photocopying;
presentation of educational films; and organizing games and out-of-school
training. Latest editions of local and national newspapers are available for
the population. The Bazum Newsletter is issued and various events for
children are organized within the framework of the project. A database on
target groups of the neighborhood was developed to ensure targeted community
Narine Ghazaryan
Khachvogh Ughiner (Crossing Ways) Social NGO
Vanadzor, 147/29 Yerevanyan Khchughi
Tel.: (374-51) 2-33-31, 5-57-29
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

The Reflection Social and Economic NGO created sites for organizing outdoor
rest and leisure time of the community population in the Bazum neighborhood.
The entire community, local self-governing bodies and entrepreneurs were
involved in solving their own problems; they participated in construction
activities, fencing and tree plantings. As a result of this cooperation, the
neighborhood population will have a playground and a park.
Contact: Lilit Aramyan
Reflection Social and Economic NGO
Vanadzor, 59 Tigran Mets St., #48
Tel.: (374-51) 2-35-63
E-mail: [email protected]


The Gyumri based Ozone Young Men’s Christian Association NGO’s Supporting
The Community project was aimed at raising the quality of life of families
living in Yerevanian Highway district and Voghji village. Leisure time of
lonely aged refugees was filled with various events. Five days a week they
were provided with quality food. Computer and Armenian language classes were
also organized for refugees aged 25-50. Another group of project
beneficiaries were children of vulnerable and refugee families. Project
staff helped them to prepare more difficult homework, organized games and
cultural events, and provided foods. As stated by the Project Coordinator,
“The activity considerably assisted to the refugee and vulnerable families
in Yerevanian Khchughi district and Voghji village both from social and
educational perspectives.” The Voghji Mayority and the Gyumri Municipality
were the NGO’s partners within the framework of the project.

Contact: Martin Petrossyan
Ozone Young Men’s Christian Association NGO
Gyumri, 11 Paruir Sevak St.
Tel.: (374-41) 3-29-94
E-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]


The Martuni Women’s Community Council NGO met the urgent social needs of the
lonely elderly by providing various social services, and developing
self-assistance mechanisms of cooperation in the community. Providing food
and hygiene products, primary healthcare services to those who have no
opportunity to go out of their homes, other care, household services, legal
consultancies, preparing legal documents, creating a day center for social
and psychological support of the elderly – this is the list of services
provided to the elderly in this community. As stated by one project
beneficiary, “We – sick and isolated people – now feel that we are being
cared for and that we are part of the community.”

Contact: Anahit Gevorgyan
Martuni Women’s Community Council NGO
Martuni, 8 Proshian St.
Tel.: (374-62) 4-43-00; 4-36-04
E-mail: [email protected]


The Prkutiun Center of Disabled Children NGO created integration groups
allowing the mentally retarded children to learn painting, needlework,
knitting, pottery and rice-grain decoration together with healthy children.
The disabled children developed computer skills and were provided with
psychological assistance. During the project implementation, seminars were
organized and TV clips aired by national TV stations to draw public
attention on the disabled.

Contact: Arpenik Abrahamyan
Prkutiun Center of Disabled Children NGO
33 Chekhov St.
Tel.: (374-1) 42-78-50; 42-65-84; (374-9) 38-34-81
E-mail: [email protected]


The Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGO’s For A Toxic-Free
Future In Armenia project goal was to reduce the risk of exposure of
pesticides on human health and environment in Ararat region. Dissemination
of factsheets, information sheets, posters, newspaper articles and
organizing TV programs and performances were aimed at raising the awareness
of the population of ten villages on pesticides and their harmful impact on
health. To promote cooperation with local and regional authorities,
healthcare institutions and NGOs, seminars, lectures and other meetings on
the topic Preventing Exposure of Pesticides were organized.

Contact: Elena Manvelyan
Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGO
24D Baghramyan Ave., room 609
Tel. (374-1) 52-36-04
E-mail: [email protected]


The Pharmprogress Youth NGO’s project title was Increasing Awareness On Safe
And Rational Medicine Usage Among Representatives of Economic and Social
Risk Groups in Yerevan. Cooperating with the Health and Social Welfare
Department of the Yerevan Municipality and eight policlinics in Yerevan, the
NGO ensured the provision of Armenian and English versions of instructions
of medicines disseminated by Yerevan policlinics to vulnerable groups, and
their participation in training courses on safe usage of medicines. Hotline
was also functioning on medicine substitutes and their obtaining on
affordable prices.

Contact: Hrant Danagulyan
Pharmprogress Youth NGO
18 Heratsi St.,
Tel.: (374-1) 57-82-05, 57-82-04
E-mail: [email protected]


The Noyemberyan based Yerevak NGO’s Developed Communities project
beneficiaries were refugees and socially vulnerable groups of the border
communities of the region. They were provided with free legal consultancy
and information. During the project implementation, they developed computer,
as well as business skills by training courses titled How To Start Own
Business. Roundtable discussions were organized and live broadcast on the
local TV channel with participation of community members, local authorities,
NGOs and businessmen. Discussing issues related to citizen-local
authority-NGOs cooperation, taxation, social services, social security and
employment and their clarification by specialists contributed to the further
cooperation of mentioned parties.

Contact: Sasha Gishyan
Yerevak NGO
Noyemberyan, 14 Zoravar Andranik St.
Tel.: (374-66) 2-26-05; 2-27-05


The Lusatsir Charitable NGO created elderly support centers in five
communities in the Tavush region. The centers were located in border
villages and provided health, social and legal individual consultancies to
beneficiaries. Their leisure time was also organized through watching TV,
playing table games and meetings with other community members and
representatives of local authorities. The centers were also replenished with
literature and latest editions of newspapers.

Contact: A. Zurabyan
Lusatsir Charitable NGO
Noyemberyan, 3 Barekamutian St.
Tel.: (374-66) 2-10-46


This is another Grants Program of AAA NGOC with the goal of promoting the
institutional development of local Armenian NGOs towards their more
effective involvement in delivering social and/or primary healthcare
services and information. The idea of the grants program is to enable NGOs
to implement their strategic plans. Grants up to 8,400,000 AMD were awarded
to eight indigenous NGOs from Yerevan and the Tavush, Shirak and Lori
regions to implement projects addressing the development of their human,
service, financial, external relations and physical capacities. As a result
of their various projects, databases on beneficiaries were created, public
relations tools were published, new members and volunteers were recruited
and trained, literature, equipment and office furniture was obtained,
fundraising events were organized and branch offices were enhanced. The
grantee NGOs are: Meghvik Children and Youth NGO; Greatmed
Scientific-Medical NGO; Maternity Fund of Armenia Charitable Public
Organization; YMCA of Vanadzor; Yerevak; Women’s Rights Center; Asup
Benevolent Social Organization; Ozone YMCA. Funding of the grants program
was provided by USAID.


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