ANKARA: Kocharian: We again propose normal reln’s w/o preconditions

Turkish Press
April 27 2005

Press Review:


Armenian President Robert Kocharian yesterday answered a recent
letter from Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan proposing formation
of a joint Turkish-Armenian group to study the so-called Armenian
genocide allegations. In his letter, Kocharian said, as neighbors,
Turkey and Armenia should try to find ways to live peacefully both
today and in the future, adding that for these reasons, Armenia was
proposing the establishment of normal relations, opening the borders
and starting a dialogue between the two countries. `There are
neighboring states ` specifically in the European continent `
whose past was difficult and whose views were at odds,’ he said.
`However, this did not prevent them from opening their borders,
having diplomatic relations, sending representatives to each
other’s capitals, and at the same time discussing disputed
issues.’ Kocharian added that the proposal would not work if it
does not deal with both the present and the future, adding that for
an efficient dialogue, there was a need to foster a favorable
political atmosphere. `Thus, we have proposed and we again propose
establishment of normal relations between our countries without
preconditions,’ he said. `Within that context an
intergovernmental commission may be formed to discuss any issue or
issues existing between our countries with the aim of solving them
and coming to a mutual understanding.’ /Aksam/

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