Bush breaks his promise


| 20:27:23 | 25-04-2005 | Politics |


Ignoring calls from a record two hundred and ten U.S. legislators, President
Bush failed, once again, to honor his pledge to properly characterize the
Armenian Genocide as a “genocide” in his annual April 24th remarks, reported
the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

In a statement issued, on April 24th, the annual day of remembrance for the
Armenian Genocide, the President again resorted to the use of evasive and
euphemistic terminology to obscure the reality of Turkey’s genocide against
the Armenian people between 1915-1923.

In retreating from his promise, the President ignored the counsel of the one
hundred and seventy-eight Representatives and thirty-two Senators who had
written letters urging him to properly characterize the Armenian Genocide.

In February of 2000, then presidential candidate George W. Bush, campaigning
for votes among Armenian voters in the Michigan Republican primary, pledged
to properly characterize the genocidal campaign against the Armenian people.

In his statements as President, he has consistently avoided any clear
reference to the Armenian Genocide, and his Administration has consistently
opposed legislation marking this crime against humanity.

The ANCA has also expressed concern that the Administration’s refusal to
recognize the Armenian Genocide reflects a broader unwillingness to confront
genocide – as evidenced by the White House’s failure to take decisive steps
to bring an end to the genocide in the Darfur region of Sudan.

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